About us


Who are we ?

WhatsBehind.io is a plateform managed by YUZ, a digital start-up studio, formerly a web agency named PEOLEO, established in 2002.

We just love to develop innovative and creative digital platforms and services.

French French Tech : we’re part of it !

Our 4 founding principles

Everything we do is always guided by 4 principles: Easy, Open, Fun, and Fair.



Our solutions have to be super easy to use. Carefully designed by our UX designers, our application often hide their complexity and power behind simple interfaces and concepts…and sometimes behind a simple button.



Our tools are all open source. No beating around the bush: we sincerely believe that this is the most promising path for our business. This is the best way to gain the trust of our users and enable them to contribute to the constant improvement of our solutions.



We love our job, and even more when it’s fun. We think that it’s the same for our users ☺. This is why our tools are fun and are developed by teams from creative and stimulating disciplines: graphics design, art, engineering, advertising, video games, digital marketing, video, etc.



As soon as we can, we make the resources on our portals available through free and open access.